Allegiance To The Line Juicer

He is wired for
sour fruit dessert, weaving black and blue
cables  through his heart.

A stripper and his peach syndrome
parted, in him, desire from fear.
He lost.

he can swallow rose petals better
than any absorbent
he steps more lucent than any
cloud walker…

I have pledged allegiance to his hands,
his hair,
his stubble shadow.
I demand his tongue
his touch,
his exchange;

where his voice spreads thick,
taste enhances,
where his deluxe firewater is served,
servants dance,
where his skin sheds to brace life,
I kneel.

If God cannot dampen my dry, callous skin,
maybe this sad Electrician can.



28 thoughts on “Allegiance To The Line Juicer

    • Magdalena 🙂 so good to hear from you sweetheart! I know some of them can take a bit before they are understood…but that is the beauty of poetry, you feel it how you feel it 🙂 XOXOXO to you Swedish Maggie!

  1. Maggie Mae, God can do anything that you need doing. He says that he knows the number of hairs on your head. He loves you so much He sent His Son to die for YOU and would have done so even if you were the ONLY person that needed saving! That’s a lot of love isn’t it? I can’t even get my head around it! I love my kinds and my grandkids-but still I can’t imagine sacrificing them-and for people who curse me and hate me and turn their on me. But God did. He had a plan before the foundation of the world for our salvation for our relationship with him that is so precious and wonderful if you just seek Him. He said if you seek me you will find me.

      • I didn’t always have a beautiful heart. But when I asked Jesus to come in and be my King and Savior, He made it beautiful, if indeed there is beauty there-it is all His. Because God says that the heart is deceitful and wicked–if left alone. I can testify to that. But I know what He can do with a discarded heart, a broken heart, a rejected heart…He takes them and HE pours love into them until they are overflowing just as a waterfall goes over, just as a jar fills up and spills over, so much more is His love for me…for you. I hope that you’ll keep visiting. I will. And maybe someday we’ll talk about that heart of yours.

      • My heart is perfectly fine, my dear. There has been a lot of past pain that I write about because a lot of people still feel that pain and, as I did, like to feel that they are not alone in the world, or that someone understands them. I have an enormous relationship with God that may not come out on paper, but that is not my intention when I write. I thank you for your kindness though. Many blessings to you!

      • thank you for telling me–I thought I would see traces in your poetry, but since I wasn’t sure, I always ask. and thanks for what you said about my heart!!!

  2. forget a book, you might need many books! i am always in awe of your talent, and i bet everyone who reads your poems see and feel something different! love it as always

    • Actually, I keep thinking that! Like smaller books that are themed…or just my style kind of stories…. 🙂 I think about plots all day, but something is wrong with my head cause I cant settle on one.

  3. Ahhh, I think I got it finally…. had to read few times. “Line Juicer” – Electrician. Like I said before… you’re deed, VERY deep. : -)

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