Champagne Glass

pink goblets glisten
champagne damp kissing
deep pipes slip in

twisting crimson blushing brides
swollen shifting tides
blue sighs

high rise capstone
twin torrid moans
softens impaling trombone

milk cream weeps
sweet flowers sleep.


22 thoughts on “Champagne Glass

  1. Whew…. I’m sweating! Almost painfully evocative, but god, what great images from memory bubbled up!…. welcome back…missed seeing your soulnuggets for a day or two… (yes, I made up the word…. I couldn’t find one in English that gave the right feel to describe what your poetry says, and shows…. your vision gives fresh meaning to the word ‘unique’….) Take care….& Blessed Be….

    And never, ever stop writing….. it may not save the world, but it will save a lot of folks’ sanity….

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