To That Bitch

To that bitch:

Dear Claws,

Razor Sapphic! It is not because
you are
rainbow bracelets,
San Francisco night life;
a glint
bitch. It is your kitty

your unshaved

scratching at my back,
your safe post.
Finger fangs dangling from

It’s not you, It’s me.

It’s me! Tonight, I peeled your vocal
out of my breadbasket!

It is stuffed
to excess!
I held
as your turkey, your three year turkey,
my shank bitch,
you sliced me
in to several pieces
to consume
time, over
time, over

sucking the protein
out of me.

Tonight though,
my meat is old,


Swallow me, Sapphic Bitch!
I want
to be your cramps, fever, nausea!
From your inside,

ejecting myself from you!

It is not because you are Sapphic.
It is
razor sharp
dipping in to my smooth skin!


17 thoughts on “To That Bitch

  1. i have never heard a woman describe her best friend as honestly and heartfelt as you just have!!!!!! my God…..that was beautiful!!!!!…..that’s almost the exact same kind of love that i have for my ex wife,……and i always will!!!!!!……….real love,….love like you painted into the picture of my night doesn’t rear it’s head often!!!!!!

    i wipe the tears from my eyes to try to absorb more of the joy from your page!!!!!!… truly do “move” me!!!!!!,…of course,….that is not the same way that you want “move” her?????……………it’s like love,…from the inside out!!!!!!,… have left me feeling,….flushed………………..

    ……i am thinking my hug idea is gettin better all the time!!!!!!????….just call me sugar one more time……….just call my name,…and i’ll be there………

  2. Wow I have an ex I feel the exact same way about, the words are perfect. He may not be a girl, but he certainly did the same thing emotionally. Your poem brought the rawness of the feelings into the light and left it there to burn, I love it!

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