You’re in my closet again
trying on my heels
coaxing my jeans to shrink
to just under

I have a face for you
glued on
golden fish eyes
a sassy little smack
and a painted

for recognition

you wouldn’t know me otherwise

I drank a tube of toothpaste
a bottle of Kracken
coerced my female intuition
your rough clutch

you pinched
my finger tips
dressing them in frilly little

then my neck
choked with the devil’s diamonds

you kneel down
lips to my naked knee
kiss of approval

I am ready.


12 thoughts on “Substitute

  1. Wow, vibrant feeling from your words…You have a great way with words and visual imagery. Love it….you can describe anything so beautifully, I’m just awed….:)

  2. Unsubtle and erotic. Evokes a masculine reaction, although I’m not about to grope your closet and try on your heels. 🙂


  3. Like many of your other poems Maggie, one of the qualities that engages me is the sinister physicality of the smallest details you choose to describe. The fingertips for example. Made me look at my hands!

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