Little Brother Brazen
lives on floor number four
without shoes

the pharmacy is closed
forever indefinitely
like windows
up on the fourth floor

Little Puny Palms
a wealth of contaminates
dosage after dosage
an overdosed panic spilled
confession from
his eyes

he was charged
green masked men
green masked

clear plastic tubes
forced liquid charcoal
to disgorge
rich heaps of self-inflicted

Little Brother Brazen
was charged
to floor number four
where Dr. Head
took his windows
and shoes


17 thoughts on “Countermeasure

  1. Go ahead, use my name. I don’t care anymore.

    Honestly. This stopped me. Tracks.

    If only I could describe the reason’s, why’s and thought’s behind my taken aback..

    I felt as if you were talking to me. I’m injured still.

    Sitting in silence sharing Facebook FAMILY PHOTO’S of MY HOLLYWOOD ma and da, while your words “super ball” around my head.

    Not a pretty picture. Soooo uncomfortable and chilled.

  2. (ps…. check out the pics we’re putting up on Facebook for my father… the early 50’s never looked so good) You will LAUGH SO HARD. People actually lived like that.

  3. You are excellent at what you do…..this has a real life sense to it, Maggie Mae….this makes people ‘hurt’ because it is so real….your ability to convey through this poetic form, is….in a word…..awesome! Thanks.

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