Severance and Unification – (Adult Content)

* This post could be disturbing and difficult or offensive to some contains adult material and paints a disturbing image, please don’t read if you are sensitive to adult material.

I forked my eyeballs
from their sockets before
the gang

at my fourteen aged

for men
bones are not like fine
aged wine

my eyeballs bounced
around with
the pounding

slippery hours
my pig pudding covered
laid to rest

my severed eyeballs
suffered alone
with what they had seen.

25 thoughts on “Severance and Unification – (Adult Content)

  1. Sounds like something that might have happened to you before, very sad sounding. I hope i am takeing it the right way. If so i am so sorry you had to experience that. 😦

  2. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I always appreciate your work so much – it’s so vivid, but stark and extraordinarily powerful. Well done, m’dear. Thanks for sharing your writings with us ^^

  3. Whether from a thought or experience, unfortunately there are too many cases of this happening and it always saddens me. There are always those that will help as they are able to make life a better place, one that should never have to endure such pain. Hugs.

  4. i found thhis poem veary powerful i hope that it was not something u went threw as so meany other people have in there lives. when i read the poem it went threw me to the bottum of my heart when i read it it felt as if i was watching it like a short film.

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