Yellow Belly

Where are they? Oh, I have lopped off
both stones!!

The pair hung below
unused –
what should have been bold
is now shriveled.

What disappointment!

Do not fear, dear Man,
they will be kept well,
here in palms;

in succulent, sweaty,
sweet feminine

25 thoughts on “Yellow Belly

  1. I believe this is called, “jumping the shark.” I prefer, “The Male Response, Touchy Bits.”

    She held my ‘nads in her hand.

    Cradled nay.

    Perhaps lovingly ladled.
    Like Lenin posters on
    an old Polish May Day.

    Or homemade soup
    made with love and
    family proofed.

    But those were still my stones.

    A rough gift to submit.

    A passive aggressive gift,
    could even cause a sub/dom rift.

    But worth the weight of the world.
    If handled with care.

    But that was the dare.

  2. Drifting Wood. Or (rather) โ€œMae Daeโ€

    (a crippled ship’s cry for help)

    CENTURY STORM HITS (Euro Crisis)


    tree’s contrived

    to stay alive.

    Eternal Roots.


    up branched


    and still

    aloof… and aloft.


    Earth defiled.

    PICK A Hurricane Name (insert here, I suggest Irene, most will choose Katrina)

    Pissed off Boots.

    And tailored suits

    Wanted more

    But Maggie Mae

    Did not care,

    Showed resolve,

    Held no fear.

    Put the

    Suitors on trial,

    with her

    lack of fear

    and her

    Joan of Arc

    โ€œglossyโ€ Vernier.

    Land and sea devoured,

    the tailored types

    Counted hours

    and minutes

    and predicted the


    of the wine

    swilling delights.

    THEIR COCKTAIL hour friends!

    Darkness descends,

    fast reached end,

    Mae’s Rambunctious
    Oyster pearled

    Not a man’s



    for long.

    But balls.


    Monsoon sized,


    Receded so quick

    a Gelded afflict

    Mad male balls


    And clipped.

    And retired.

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