Cryptic House of Knowledge,

I stroll,
I shift around your
halls – the deep and starving
space – hungry for
ambiguity and definition!

Where is the edible material hidden?
Do you have a frozen room
where you store it for keep?

Not frantic, but fixed!!
I want!
I need!
I am fierce on my knees….
I beg

Give me what I seek!!!

A deep rumbling vibration rips through the floor, knocking me from
my roots. I hear my bones crunch and snap as I hit
the concrete.
The House answers. It is evident. Strong.
The rumbling becomes deeper. It is here!

I roll against a wall, for
a seeker has no haven.
The building ripples and rips,
the walls shred
and crumble around me.

I am still.

I watch as a cyclone tears down the
structure that protects me, ripping through cement
and stone
destroying all that I had known.
The outside light came pouring in and
I am exposed!!

The cyclone stopped in its spot,
turned, it found me.
My frightened frame could do nothing.
The heart could not beat.
The lungs could not breathe.
My body and I just sat in fear….

The twisting tornado did not move
from its place, but
targeted my eyes,

and I understood!

36 thoughts on “Cyclone

  1. Exhilarating! The seeker becomes sought.
    Trapped in a University Student Center for lunch between classes when a tornado rips through campus. There is no place to hide — or not longer hidden.
    I think I remember a news event about this actually happening.

  2. A couple nights ago, I had a nightmare about a tornado tearing into my apartment, bursting through the windows and ripping out the walls. And the last thing I remember of it, just before I woke up, was being curled into a ball, feeling my heart stop beating, and being overwhelmed by a sense of general unfairness and desperation. Eerie.

    Great poem, but I’m probably going to have nightmares again tonight. :/

  3. Once the word “ambiguity” entered the picture…. everything changed.

    Not for better or worse… just changed. I had to read a 3rd, 4th time with AND without that word… because I kept finding different context.

    Much love.

    And thank you.

  4. okay.. one more line.. lied, because i get it,, you “secretly or openly” want to noticed for who or what you think other’s think you are… OR who you think you are.

    “A masque, fret noticed, without care,
    screaming my name!
    Mae I? Non mon frier,
    not here.”

    AND NOW I STOP…. promise.

  5. As i was reading… i began thinking of something which is close to the soul.. something that you want to seek. But the plot changed as it goes… nice transition…. but i did take a good ‘stroll’ with this one…..

    Can you please tell me what the last para means?… was it a compromise…. was it time?….

    ”The twisting tornado did not move
    from its place, but
    targeted my eyes,

    and I understood!”

    Best Regards!

    • It is….how can I explain this… Every person has something at some moment in their life that they do not want to recognize as the “truth”. For example, a girl knows that her boyfriend is cheating but does not want to admit it to herself…. She is afraid of the answer, of the outcome.
      Eventually, she will let herself acknowledge the truth, feeling as if her entire world is caving in around her. She WANTED the truth, but was afraid of it. When the tornado turns and smiles, that is acknowledgement that the truth is not there to destroy…but to befriend. The walls were ripped down, safety and comfort was compromised, but the light was let in, (enlightenment, knowledge) and I am exposed to the truth…and it didn’t hurt me.
      I hope this makes sense…I’m less skilled at clarifying myself!

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  7. This poem made me think of a reoccurring nightmare that I’ve had over the span of several years. The last one I remember specifically was a tornado coming down on the windshield of a car I was sitting in, pounding on the glass like a drill, coming right for me, the sound it was making on the glass was so distinct, I can still hear it in my head… You are an artist… You paint with your words…. I’ve read several of your pieces now, I’m quite impressed…

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