Question For You Amazing Fans & Readers……

A wonderful reader and fellow writer sent me this tonight:

“Mags… I’m working on a short based on the lack of use of “By Jove.” I need input…. may i use you and your readers?

I’ve classically reviled the expression of “damning” someone.

Hell is implied. You really don’t need to say, “I damn you to hell!” There’s really nowhere else you’d ever damn someone too…

“I damn you to your bedroom without dinner?” Great parenting!

It’s just not said.

“Horrible dance. The patrons hate you. Damn you to the upstairs rooms to perform private dances AND EARN!”

Not said.

But what if we turned it around? I’m guessing the accepted opposite of “Damning” someone is “Acceptance.” No? I’m not a religious man and am searching for a better word to make this work. Any writers out there? I need help with this thought.

and we publish as a team.”

What about “elevate”, my friend??  “to lift up” …I figure if damning is sending someone “down”, you could also go along with a “religious” theme and use “glorify” or “praise”?? What do you think??


35 thoughts on “Question For You Amazing Fans & Readers……

  1. I’ve lived. And yet I’m still amazed at how INSTANTANEOUS intense casual bonds can be made and momentarily cemented. I almost (do) revile the computer (aged 48) for making it easier. I had to travel to get that pleasure. But, that being said….

    I love “elevate.”


  2. I find the idea of damning people to random places rather hilarious. Nice work!

    Elevate is a classy touch in the opposite direction. I definitely dig it, though I frequently use “play sharp” to motivate or inspire someone.

    • Oooo, I love the term “play sharp,” but within the context of the story/idea, elevate is SOOOOO NICE.

      I can just hear someone yelling to me in the kitchen, as I’m making a fresh batch of Hummus… “and play sharp!”

  3. I’ve always “damned” people to crazy places….

    and NO ONE ever expects it.

    “Damn you to the basement for a game of Foosball – in which I shall kick thy ass.”

    It’s just not said often enough.

    Use it. I’ve no claim or need.

  4. Damnation is the opposite to, what – absolution, resurrection, aquittal, exoneration, pardon, apotheosis… Heaven being the opposite of hell, the options are paradise, nirvana, Celestial City, eternal life, Valhalla, Asgard, Elysium, Eden, Avalon, the West.

    The churchy opposite of ‘damn you’ would be ‘bless you’.

    Elves, hobbits and assorted mythical figures go into the West when they head off for their eternal reward, but ‘Go West’ might be misinterpreted…

    • OMG…. and the flood gates are now open.


      I just got done arguing against “bless” in this sense… but, Acquittal, Apotheosis, and better yet… ABSOLUTION.

      the rest are so topically directed, spot on, but use specific, but “I absolve you to hell.”

      wow. blown away.

      Instead of “Damn” we say “Absolve…” it’s so Schindler’s List “evil and nice” at the same time..

      I’m dreamy on it.

      • Elf’s have feelings Jared. But you are correct, they usually CANNOT pass, without help.

  5. Exalt.

    Great word. Doesn’t it seem like it’s misspellled?

    I love that word. Do I have your permission to use it?

    But I’m gonna defy its natural cry,
    Like a vault
    over a problem
    never resolved.
    Like a short drive in a fancy car,
    one wish known,
    and hands kept in tow.

  6. Is “I damn you to your bedroom” not said? Shame! Logically, an absolute statement is disproved by a single exception – so at the first opportunity I shall say, “I damn you to your bedroom!” and then your correspondent will be wrong.

    I am a religious person, though that would be instantly misunderstood by many. The actual opposite of “damn” is “save” as in salvation. Unfortunately, “I save you” sounds like I stop you from being run over or I keep you to consume at a later date.

    Absolution is what happens when you’re forgiven your sins (this is Catholic rather than Quaker theology, so I’m on slightly dodgy ground) so it’s like the right turn rather than the left turn of damnation, but not really the opposite of it. Damnation, in orthodox theology, is final, while you might be absolved of your sins and go straight away and sin again.

    Exalt is a nice word if a bit smily-angelsy. Accept is not enough: “I don’t like your irritating habits, but I accept them because you won’t change”. Embrace? Carries the implication of love as opposed to rejection. It would help to know the context, by Jove!

    • Save. Salvation.

      I thought it through for what seems like minutes….

      And then BAM. your reality becomes my verbiage, you’re speak is my need:



      Excitedly me… “i EXALT you to hell!” I think you may have nailed it.

      “Young lady, that is not how we act, you are exalted to your room without supper.”

      I’m marinating on that… But you NAILED IT.

  7. How about something like “venture ye forth to heaven or hell” Or to your room, etc. etc.
    I was always of the impression that “by Jove” was a statement of confirmation such as,,”your are right, by Jove.” and that Jove, was a colloquial use of Jehova. Just a thought.

  8. It’s already been said, but to my ears “blessing” seems the opposite to damning someone, although to “elevate” someone does make more sense, as you don’t bless someone TO somewhere – you just bless them, as in… I dunno, wishing good things for them. Interesting concept, this one.

  9. I’m not a writer though I do write, but I’ve used the word Damned so many times during my writings or personal journal entries in my blogs. One thought, have you ever considered the idea regarding the opposite of Damned being Unique?? Though, being unique, is a certain way of still considering yourself Damned….

  10. I think the basic jist of ‘damning’ someone is to hatefully send them far away from you. So it’s actually a distance thing… and the opposite would be to beckon some closer.. or even embrace them… i love the concept of embracing for the positive, & as for the negative, i think the word ‘damn’ is over used… ‘cursed’ might be an option. i mean, when it comes down to it, there is a lot of room for contempt to be expressed creatively. most of these ways require more than one word though. interesting thought.

  11. Ha…well as for an equivalent….I have noticed that when some people are really upset with someone, but are trying to take the holier than them road, instead of damning that person they’ll say they are “praying” for that person. But you know how they really feel 🙂

  12. Thanks to everyone… especially our hostess.

    Just not feeling it tonight.

    but a “damning poem” will appear here soon!

  13. Gaining Medicinal Energy.

    Stammer along with you young dictionary plumbers.
    And lifelong Amsterdam houseboat slummers.

    The light is on. For better or worse,
    or more properly defined, God’s cruel curse.

    Ana Ng.

  14. Wow… what kind of a mood (trying to understand/contemplating yours) does a person have to be in to write this? Is it apologetic? Is it an explanation for the hurt caused you? …Oops, JUMPED THE SHARK, but still I hit “publish….”


    An actual hunt, to escape this Cavey funk.
    Leap into action and perform mannish stunts,
    like act proud, yell loud, fist pump the crowd.

    Then convivial the carcass.

    I’m on it.
    Skinned, organs spilled, fur milled,
    and meat seducted &
    Perfectly grilled.

    Braise is the craze,
    but raw is the gnaw,
    for these Neanderthal jaws.

    Whole Animal on Plate.
    Ripped and torn
    and bones chucked away.

    Leather cleaned and saved
    for another day’s
    New outfit parade.

    And the tribe’s indignent,

    paid for praise.

  15. Just Never got around to writing “our” idea… I WILL, I promise, had other work at hand… but here’s a short story I tailored for our hostess this evening… finally back on my feet:

    (for anyone who cares.. and I wouldn’t if I wasn’t me, who I APPARENTLY AM)

    Fake Intimacy. And Why I Crave It!

    Intimacy came too easy and meant too little. She had the knack to form instant bonds that “for normals” took years… The ability to turn accidental acquaintances into old friends and momentary flirts into flames.

    Yet, as with any meaningful relationship, upkeep is time consuming, and this was not really her Bloomingdale’s bag.

    And that was her issue with Maeson.

    No non-sponge, he loved to drink from the fountain.

    But with her, he had no “hand,” and he was used to and craved some sense of control. But she owned Maeson, as she did most; his time as well as his beating organs. When they weren’t together or she had no need of him, he was free to make of his life what he would, but when she called, he pitched.

    How had he let her imagine such control was hers? There was no imagine, it was.

    Eventually he gave up wondering and conceded to fate. It could be worse. He could be alone again – or worse, without her VERVE. She was exciting, attractive and spiced the blandest of trials – and she had one key trait unknown to most vixens… she listened. Maeson could spill to her and count on being somewhat understood, but more importantly, not-questioned.

    Every city is ominous at dusk – sundown is a promise that bad things will happen that night. People hurt themselves and others when the night gloams in. But he never imagined he’d be involved with a girl who represented disaster as strong as opportunity.


    And she begged when they were alone.

    She wondered aloud more then he liked about her “honest talent.” Did she have any?

    He would have killed to say, “it’s just perseverance and good looks at the right time, and the right pillow at the end of the night.” But he wanted to share that pillow so his mouth stayed shut.

    Frankly, she was known – but more for her ability to get things done – then to get things right.

    But that was exciting. She would make it.

    With, or most likely, without Maeson.

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