Who Is The Empty One

The baby’s swing
swinging emptily
swinging next to me

watching the empty
swing –
back and forth
swinging steadily

the baby’s swing
swinging melodically
listening lethargically
as it swings next to me
the baby’s swing
swinging emptily

squeaking and creaking
and looking at me
watching me
sit so emptily.

10 thoughts on “Who Is The Empty One

  1. The only thing I could think of after reading this was: Miscarriage. The imagery was vivid and saddening from a personal perspective. A dark space that many have entered, which you have, IMO captured succinctly.

    • Thanks a lot! Write honestly and read a ton. Share with others and accept criticism. Find your own voice and don’t try to copy other poets…write your self!! Those are the only tips I can really give that have helped me. 🙂

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