The Man of Steel

Man of Steel installs himself two feet
from me
at the bar,
resting his rusted joints.
The years have been hard on his
Steel bones.

He has a wife who is not made
of metal;
she is the ambiance of
a fresh bloom
a spring afternoon
and poofs her hair in the morning.

He wears a charm around his neck,
a talisman,
because a man of
gird cannot
move on his own –
steel is heavy!

A potion of spirits
must surely add to the corrosion in
his joints but it seems
to soften his supportive structure.

All the people,
all the people,
all the people want to know him.
A man buys him another drink;
the bartender leans
over the counter
to reveal her
gourmet mammals.
All shriek and snort around in
merriment and mirth.

Oh, what a great invention by
The Man of Steel! He almost sucked me
in to his illusion, but then I
saw his bandaged elbow dribble
when he bent the glass
to his cheek.

Men of Steel can do many things
but Men of Steel
don’t leak!


21 thoughts on “The Man of Steel

    • I think it was an attempt to portray the softness in him by who he is married to. A little more of a background of the man… I wanted an emphasis on the fact that he is actually not made of steel…if that makes sense??

      • Oh! I found the part about the wife caused a disruption in the flow of the poem for me. And I did not think that it made him softer. More like opposites attract. But its interesting to know your reason. Cheers!

  1. This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this moment with words. I appreciate the effort with which you describe character and thought processes. The imagery in this piece really helps me see what you saw and that’s very fun. I think it’s an interesting topic that you’ve written about here- not so much importance is on the qualities of a man, but more so on the reality that what we see is not always what is. Thanks 🙂

  2. Wow! As someone who has spent too long in bars you have really captured the spirit of declining masculinty, noble but vulnerable like us all. Like the way I would have seen my trucker uncle, maybe!

  3. Observant and wryly funny! What a weird thing language is. I thought the Man of Steel was installing two feet on himself, having been left unfinished, until I read the second line!

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