How To Peel Off Your Face

Step 1.

Press the blade against metal ablaze –
a razor as sharp as
the educated man; with wit and vainglory,
ready to shred your worth into
the palm of his hand.

Step 2.

Use the discriminating blade to
carve out expression; to cut out
surface, scowl and shape.
The eyes MUST be extracted – this is the most
treasured part of the face. A face cannot be
successfully peeled off if the
eyes remain

Step 3.

No need for apprehension or moderation!
Grip the skin from the top of the face
and pull! Peel it away!

Step 4.

A mask will be needed at this time.
Replace the original layer of expression, surface,
scowl and shape with
the artificial layers of rubber, plastic and paint.

Step 5.

Recovery time is required.
It is not realizable to become acquainted
with a new face immediately. Take
some time to learn how
to mold to it.

Step 6.

Dispose of the old face. Burn it, throw it out, eat it,
feed it to the dog….it does not matter how, just get rid of it.
The sooner the old one is forgotten,
the quicker the new one
will begin to
feel real.




11 thoughts on “How To Peel Off Your Face

  1. delightfully disturbing. i like how you must mold TO the face, not the face molding to you. the image of feeding one’s own face to the dog reminds me of a scene from hannibal… the breakdown into steps is effective, a grotesque sort of how-to.
    — renee sagarah

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