Guilt Knows How To Find Me

Tonight, he rolled over in his grave just
to slap me
in the face.
His skin has been eaten by the life that
takes people after life!
Staring at me with blood shot eyes, I
He knows!

Although it’s dried up like a raisin, my
heart does still work!
I found it at the home I used to
belong to.

He knew it was there. It had tried to wander off…
to find a new home; a substitute.
It wasn’t safe out there! It
strolled back to
where it learned expansion and
willingness to endure.

Before his home was a coffin, he
screamed his words, so that they
might take up more space in my head.
“Your heart is a rook!”

He came back tonight – flesh falling from his bones,
eyes bulging out
of his skull –  he found me, laying in this steady bed,
to drop his backbiting insects upon me.

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