Information That I Omitted

I am a little ashamed to admit this
but I am sure I am not the only
girl who has.
I used your body
to remind me of a time
when the waters laid
softly around me. I let your arm lay over my side
and I rested my life against you.
A man carries so much strength and I
borrowed it to catch up
with the chaotic crashing waves of
water that I row through now.

I didn’t need your voice, or your thoughts
or your laugh. I didn’t need the silly act that
men like to play. I didn’t need words dipped in
or that sparkle in your smile.

I just needed your feet to curl
mine inside, two strong arms to wrap my
dreams up tight, a heavy chest that could
hold the weight of the heaviness
I hold – I just needed your body
to give mine a mold!

6 thoughts on “Information That I Omitted

  1. I like the real flavor of your poems. This is a truth rarely spoken, in a unique way. I especially like the way you put the last stanza, it’s written beautifully. I see the depth in it, yet expressed simply. Men are often a comfort to cling to and be shaped by, but there’s more to a relationship than that. I love it!

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